Training, Service & Maintenance

Nevo offers training and customer support for its clients.
The company operates a world class service processing system.
Questions are answered in a timely manner and the staff is available 24×7 in
order to address all issues raised by its customers.
20 engineers and technicians in the group provide service,
including service laboratories, repairs and expedited part replacement.
Nevo works with thorough training programs according to KPI’s targets
and acceptance tests.Nevo is committed to the MTBR, MTTR and Uptime service
parameters. We also have specialized staff specializing in
the project planning and implementation.

Providing healthcare personnel with online education will
reduce overall training costs, as well as address specific
needs each facility may be facing. Nevo Medical provides
Continuing Education with a robust management
system that allows educators to upload content,
assign courses and track progress.

Nevo Medical is proud and honored to be able to
assist our clients medical personnel and provide them
with the training they need in order to better serve their patients