Surgical C-arms

Cios Alpha

Cios Alpha® is a high‐definition  digital 2D mobile C‐arm designed to give surgeons certainty. Cios Alpha® delivers more than the perfect balance between image quality and dose. With it, you also profit from ease‐of‐use, less distractions in workflows, and optimal utilization of your equipment.

Cios Fusion

Cios Fusion is a versatile digital C-arm. The mobile C-arm provides large, crystal-clear images at the right dose – thanks to Full View FD and our unique Retina Imaging Chain with IDEAL dose management.

Cios Connect
Cios Connect is a robust multifunctional C-arm for everyday surgery that helps increase your return on assets. Its lightweight design and elaborate features make system handling easy. What is more, Cios Connect offers you outstandingly sharp visualization of anatomical details at low dose.
Cios Select

With Cios Select, you can safeguard the financial sustainability of your clinical institution with smart surgical imaging and service from a single reliable partner.

Smart system operation – with an intuitive user interface.

High image quality – combined with IDEAL dose management.